Documentation of the APIs and tools

All the APIs described in this section were generated from the source code of the atlanta-0.3 release.

Package and Internal docs

These docs are generated by godoc running over the whole parigot source code. This probably only of interest to folks working on the internals of parigot.

Guest APIs

Guest APIs are the guest side APIs (your program) of the built-in services and parigot proper. APIs listed as syscall are the calls to the pubilc API of parigot.

Plugin APIs

Plugins are used to build parigot services that are “outside” the WASM sandbox. These services use code running inside the host to do their work. The documentation in this section is documentation about the implementation of some plugins used by built-in services. These can serve as examples of how to build your own.

Protobuf Schema

These are the protobuf definitions for parigot itself and the built in services.

Last modified August 4, 2023: updated docs (eb09e03)