parigot:Microservices made sensible

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Develop like a monolith — deploy like microservices!

parigot provides a new programming model for building microservice applications. parigot allows the developer to see the application as a monolith… because a monolith is much easier build, test and debug! When the application is deployed it can be deployed as separate microservices and these interact with each other in a way familiar to any microservice developer. The ability to choose a monolith or a microservice-based run or deployment of the program can be done at run-time with no code changes.

Welcome to atlanta!

Welcome to Atlanta where the players play! The first public release of parigot,version atlanta-0.3, is out! Your feedback both desired and accepted!

Contributions welcome!

We do a Pull Request contributions workflow on GitHub. New users are always welcome!

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Chat with us!

On our Zulip, you can give feedback, ask questions about your parigot application, or just chat about the glory of Paris Saint Germain…

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