About Parigot

parigot is a software development tool that makes building microservice-based applications fun again!

Microservices have become the de facto way that engineering teams build the back end of applications. They have become sufficiently popular that tech industry reports have stopped listing microservices as an “upcoming” or even “current” technology. Unknown to many is that the choice to use a microservice-oriented design has substantial negative consequences for the developers and first level managers who are “in the trenches” actually making microservices work.

Engineers and companies wanted

Are you an engineer with experience building microservice-based systems who wants to get in at the beginning of a cool project? Do you work for a company that builds a lot of microservice-based backends for customers? Get in touch, we want to talk to you!

Some credits

  • This website was developed with Hugo, the docsy theme and tools, and bootstrap 5.

  • The parigot system proper was developing entirely in golang.

  • The list of people that have provided valuable feedback, if it included all those that have helped, would make this page unusable. We apologize to anyone we have forgotten.

    • Darren DeCarlo
    • Carlos Delcid
    • Samantha Mcinnis
    • Michael Morrissey
    • James Summer
  • During the summer of 2023, we had two folks who helped out project by contributing their time. Xinyu Chen worked on the parigot core services and Bradley Smith worked on our devops problems.


parigot has been and is developed by Rive Droit Software Society (RDSS), a Deleware C-corp. Although RDSS is the legal entity, the company is frequently just called “parigot”.